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Are you looking to trade internationally?

Our solution provides the reach necessary to trade globally. We support 100+ currencies, 30+ languages and service clients in more than 25 countries across the globe.

Are you looking to trade internationally?

Are you looking for alternative payment methods?

Cater for your clients’ local habits or pure preference with 200+ alternative payment methods!

Check out below the most popular alternative methods we provide.
Interested in others? Contact us for the full list!

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Is fraud prevention your top priority?

With the highest level of PCI compliance and a fully-fledged anti-fraud suite, our platform provides for 3DSecure, data security and card holder authentication.

Are you worrying about system downtime?

Any downtime could cost you money and damage your reputation. We guarantee maximum uptime through our fully redundant services protecting your revenue stream and your standing in the market.

Have you experienced difficulties in setting up a merchant account?

We have built a strong industry network which means we can sort out your merchant account quickly and painlessly.

Do you require e-commerce plugins for your online shop?

We have got you covered! Contact us to get any of the plugins created for popular e-commerce platforms.

Are you looking for ways to maximise conversions?

Provide your customers with seamless mobile & desktop experience. Customise the look and feel and offer autofill checkout for returning customers.

Would you like to receive real-time transactions information?

Our dashboard will provide you with access to real-time data analytics and transaction reporting, allowing you to take quick and informed business decisions.

Would you like to receive real-time transactions information?
Do you wish to perform daily reconciliations?

Do you wish to perform daily reconciliations?

Reconcile your transaction data against your bank statements at the press of a button. Track each transaction from inception to settlement, consolidating information in one convenient location.

Would you like to accept recurring payments?

Our automatic billing support allows you to cater for recurring payments automatically, without you needing to store any card details as this is handled on our end.

Do you wish to continue introducing new features and payment alternatives?

Our platform is future ready! We continually provide system updates, new features and payment methods as trends evolve.

Do you have particular requests?

Our experienced, professional team will surely find a way to help. Plus, our 100% owned platform gives us the flexibility to provide you with any customised solution.

Our Solutions

Why us?

Personalised and Flexible Service

We offer a tailored service and strive to provide customers with the necessary time and attention.

Robust and Trusted Platform

Our platform caters for high volumes with 100% availability guarantee. We constantly innovate and roll-out system updates and new features.

Your Single Point of Contact

We negotiate volume pricing on your behalf and handle all discussions with our processors and payment providers.

Industries We Serve

We designed our platform to cater to numerous industries. If yours is not listed here, give us a shout!

Detect fraudulent transactions earlier, increase approval rates and mitigate chargebacks, reach more customers and maximise your transaction success rates. Contact our experienced team to assist you in navigating the complex waters of payments for online gaming industry.

Maximise your e-commerce transactions from shoppers worldwide using different channels and currencies. The team at APCOPAY brings extensive knowledge and experience in the industry and will assist you in optimising your payment solutions ensuring seamless customer shopping experience.

Integrate APCOPAY with your online reservation software and perform authorizations on credit cards with delayed capture, upselling through tokenisation, advance cards verification for quicker groups check-in, etc. These and many more features designed for travel industry will ensure seamless booking experienc...

Our aim at APCOPAY is to create ways to make payments simple and give users the experience they want. Our global coverage, 100+ currencies, 30+ languages will help you to engage customers across the globe and maximise your conversions.

Our effective anti-fraud suite, risk management, inbound and outbound payments in multiple currencies coupled with long term relationships with reliable banks make as the perfect payments processing solution provider for Forex brokers and platforms.

Use APCOPAY to get paid securely from customers worldwide. Mobile payments, dynamic registration, early bird discounts, tokenisation and many more features to ensure seamless checkout for your customers and greater revenue for you.


Apco Systems forms part of Harvest, the Hili Ventures Technology Division. Harvest delivers system engineering, software development, security solutions, integrated business applicationse-payments platform, business intelligence as well as other IT Services. With Harvest management expertise, technological prowess and operation excellence is guaranteed.

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