By Ian Pellicano on 2018, August 10

Payment gateway providers and the advantages of tokenisation and website security in the travel insurance industry

By Ian Pellicano on 2018, August 10

Tokenisation is a process used by some payment providers and helps increase the security of your transactions.  In a traditional payment gateway credit card transaction, credit card details are passed on to the internal system and stored for processing. Storing these details is risky, and a breach could be devastating for your clients and business. 

A tokenisation system does not store credit card numbers, instead it turns the number into a random string of characters for security. This random string is called a token and is passed on only after being turned into a ‘token’.

This, by itself, will not make your payment gateway providers PCI compliant, however it is definitely something to keep in mind. In the travel insurance industry, security is of utmost importance.  Websites often process personal data, including credit card data, therefore encryption through a well-secured website is very important.

Your end user or travel booker wants to know that his/her data is safe with you.  Displaying ‘https://’, which means that you have a security certificate, also makes a difference.  An SSL certificate is a Secure Sockets Layer, which provides extra encryption when a website is passing on information from page to page as the customer progresses though your application forms.

When operating in an industry like travel insurance where private personal data is being handled on a regular basis, coming across as security sensitive is of utmost importance.  Insurance requires the client to submit private details and therefore, as the provider of such services, you need to make sure that you inspire trust every step of the way.

In terms of security requirements, you can reassure your prospects by using the right copy on your website.  It is also important to display security icons at the bottom of your page to let your users know that their security is valued.  These can often give the end user that extra sense of trust and willingness to go for the purchase.

By providing a chat window on your checkout page, customers are also reassured that you are a bona fide company that cares for, and supports, its clients.