By IAN PELLICANO on 2018, July 4

4 things your Travel Insurance eCommerce site needs to have, including mobile payments

By IAN PELLICANO on 2018, July 4
4 things your Travel Insurance eCommerce site needs to have, including mobile payments

Every eCommerce website should be built with two main priorities in mind, traffic and conversion. You need to grow your traffic in order to gain visibility and increase sales, and then you need to work on the number of visitors that are converting into customers. These should be your priorities at every stage of the game, from planning stage to day-to-day improvements. It is however ideal to also take the following into consideration:

1. Great imagery, even on mobile

Your ecommerce site is only as effective as your imagery. You cannot sell online unless your imagery is of high quality. This one detail alone will improve your conversion rate tenfold!

2. Detailed descriptions - brief on mobile

In order to persuade customers to choose your online company over competition’s, you need to ensure that you are providing all the right details for them to take that next step and actually book. Make sure your descriptions are comprehensive and easy to follow. If you’re providing a lot of detail make sure there is a printable option for this, with clear contact details on it. Sometimes the buying process takes place offline before a customer returns to your website.  People are reading less and buying less on mobile, yet tablet sales are growing.  Your copy needs to be optimised - long enough for SEO (350 words) but short enough - and broken down into paragraphs, so that it is easily read on devices.


3. Clear navigational buttons compatible with mobile platforms

Clear navigational buttons and call to actions, as well as a broken down, step by step process, can help customers go through the buying process with as little effort as possible.  It would also help to provide a chat tool during the checkout process.


4.  Responsiveness and Mobile Payments

The payment process is also a key ingredient leading to how well we close sales online. Friction and lack of user-friendly measures within the checkout process can negatively affect sales.


Your gateway should offer the option of mobile payment. This is the preferred way to check out on tablet and mobile.  Sales could easily increase when your conversion rates on these two platforms are maximised, as indicated in the Mobile retail conversion rates section in the following link: [Conversion by device from Smart Insights 2015 to 2017]:  

5. Customisation of pages that process payments

There is nothing more suspicious to a user than being redirected to a different website to affect a payment. Once you have established trust on your website it is important that users feel that they are actually dealing with you as a company/site.  You can give your website users this feeling by ensuring that the payment page to gateway transition is seamless. This is possible if you choose a payment gateway that provides high-end, responsive customisation.  Your gateway of choice should offer this.