By Ian Pellicano on 2018, June 20

10 must-have features for your payment gateway if you’re running a gaming company which offers mobile pay

By Ian Pellicano on 2018, June 20
10 must-have features for your payment gateway if you’re running a gaming company which offers mobile pay

Successful gaming companies have one thing in common - they use secure, responsive and efficient payment gateways and mobile pay.

Payment gateways allow for money transfer from customers to company in return for game time.  This transaction needs to be as smooth as possible. Here are the 10 most recommended key features that your payment gateway must have:

  1. Security & Fraud Management Systems

iGaming companies need to ensure that they are protected by robust, reliable and innovative fraud systems.  Your payment gateway must be able to monitor and detect fraudulent transactions to protect the business from criminal activity. Fraudsters modify their tactics all the time and your gateway must therefore be responsive to emerging threats. 

  1. Speed

Speed is one of the main factors to consider for customer retention

Your gateway payment provider must deliver an excellent and fast checkout experience. Customers are put off by slow systems and will undoubtedly opt for alternative sites if the payment process takes too long. 

  1. Mobile Payments

Research shows that more people are playing while on the move, commuting or just sitting around. A reliable mobile payment system allows a gaming company to reach prospective players, regardless of their location.

MobilePay is a highly popular mobile payment solution app which connects to users’ bank and credit card accounts through their mobile number. The app allows a user to send and receive money via iPhone, Android and Windows phone.

A user transfers money using MobilePay by selecting the mobile number of the person who is to receive the money, which allows the funds to be transferred to the recipient’s account. Simultaneously, the same amount is deducted from the sender’s account.

Downloadable for free, this app can only be accessed by entering a four-digit pin selected by the user.

  1. Multi-Channel Payment

Your payment gateway system must be geared up to accept transactions from various sources including bank transfers, PayPal, credit cards, cash payments and other forms. All forms of mainstream and emerging channels, through which people transfer funds, must be acceptable for your gateway.

  1. Multi-Payment Channel Processing

If you are making transactions through different channels, then a robust and efficient processing arm for each payment method is essential for your gateway. This includes call centres, online exchanges and mobile payment facility.

  1. Multi-Language

Your payment gateway must support localisation. Customers need to be able to understand the language of your payment options, so the system must be able to switch to the user’s language and native script. Solely providing the option to change settings is simply not enough!

  1. Multi-Currency

Not only should a payment gateway be able to switch to the language and script of a user, it must also give users the option to pay in their own currency.

  1. Responsive mobile interface

A payment gateway must be responsive to the platform on which it is being used. Customers should enjoy the same checkout experience on tablet, mobile, desktop and others.

  1. Analytics

Igaming is a data driven business which relies on analytics to identify customer behaviour patterns for business expansion purposes. This type of business should feature effective and easy to understand reporting tools. Your gateway must have inbuilt analytics and must also allow for seamless integration of other systems which may be in use.

  1. Great customer service

Your gateway provider should continually be available to offer prompt customer service and to efficiently resolve any issues that may arise, with minimum disruption to your business.